Monday, July 24, 2017

working on the bridge between knowledge and obedience ;)


Well, this week.... we went to quito on tuesday, came back wednesday morning. Then we went straight to divisions with the hermanas lideres! I was with Hermana Gonzalez (CA)  in their sector and Hermana Salas (Bolivia) came to be here with my companion. They wanted her to have the experience of needing to take the iniciative, and I was grateful for that as well! The day and night I spent with Hermana Gonzalez were SO much fun! We walked all day and talked all day and we were wishing we could be companions, but she goes home in october, and also I would have to be an hermana leader and I would be fine not having that responsability, so it looks like we wont ever be companions! I learned so much from being with her. Also very much hoping that I at least get to have one more american companion whilst in the mission! 

This week I learned a lot. I am being refined, every single day. Some days are really good, and others are a little hard, and others are really hard. But I love the work and I love the Lord. 

We had interviews with President Barlow on Thursday morning. It was fun to talk to him, to his wife, and to his kids. The kids are starting in an international school that teaches in english, and they are all learning spanish slowly. I admire them for their efforts. It would be really hard to get here with no spanish background or even MTC time at all. 

I realized this week (it was like a DUH type of realization) that I will just never become the perfect missionary that I want to be. And I need to let go of that. I won't ever be perfect at anything, but it's fine, because Christ is perfect and He makes up for my weaknesses! So many rules and numbers and I will keep holding myself to a very high standard, but I will also be nicer to myself when I don't measure up. I was reminded of President Butler's advice to me before I left, that whenever I am frustrated or impatient or upset, it is because I am thinking too much about myself. This is the Lord's work, and it cannot be frustrated. So this week I will just be happy, try hard, and still be happy, just knowing that my success comes through my obedience and diligence and that is all! 

Lets see, something interesting I can tell you: 

Things we learned on Friday: 1. The introduccion is still the best way to teach about the Book of Mormon 2. even though a guy may be drunk when he gets off a bus just to talk to you and tell you he wants to change, he is still worth teaching. That happened several weeks ago, and we never called him because he was drunk and we didn't take him seriously. But this week while we were waiting at a busy intersection for members to come pick us up so we could teach their granddaughter, the same guy got off the bus and came to contact us again and ask why we hadn't called him. Well, I felt bad and this time he wasn't drunk and we will visit him in the chapel this wek. 3. Don't eat bread before you have citas with members, because they are going to feed you (and you are going to have to eat fast so they can take you home and you don't get home later than 9:00.)

what else happened? I don't know. Our investigator Evelyn continues to be an eternal investigator. We are lost as to how to help her and we are sick of going to her house for confirmed appointments and then she tells us she doesnt have time or just isnt there at all. The hardest part is that I love her so much and I have been working with her since february and I don't want to stop teaching her. 

We had another funny lesson with an old guy who is catholic but 
he doesnt agree with most of what the catholics do. We taught the first lesson, invited him to pray to know if it was true, and he said that he doesnt need to pray because it is absolutely the truth. He also didnt want to come to church or get baptized. We will keep working on the bridge between knowledge and obedience ;) 

gotta go, love you guuys! thanks for the prayers, they work! 


hermana hasleton

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