Monday, July 24, 2017

When we partner with the Lord, our burdens are easy and our loads are light


I am sorry last weeks letter was so short. Thats what happens when i do other things first and write the letter last! Time catches up to me. Will write fast today! This week, we taught lots of lessons every single day, except for the day when we specifically planned to only contact because my companion still isnt contacting. But we contacted 30 people in a few hours, so I still felt productive! 

Well, last monday we went to the mall as a zone and went to this place called Mr. Joy. Maybe I told you that last week. If so, you get to hear it again! It was fun to run around on jungle gyms and play laser tag and feel like a little kid. Today as a district we went to Parque de la Familia. It's kinda boring, actually, but the views are really pretty so basically all we did was take pictures! So i actually have some for you guys this week! Sorry I'm a slacker and don't take as many as I should! 
On tuesday we dropped an investigator, a cute little old lady named Mariana who just doesn't remember anything we teach and doesn't want to come to church. We went to the cita with a member present. The funny part of the lesson was that I kept trying to pass it to my companion, but she was falling asleep so she didn't say anything! The member we brought was Hermana Rosa, the cute lady in her 60s that accompanies us a lot. Basically she and I taught the lesson, it  was hilarious. 

We are teaching a man whose wife is a member and has two little kids so its hard for her to come to church alone, hard with two babies on buses. We taught Plan of Salvacion and he understood super well, then says he doesnt want to go to church. So maybe he actually didn't understand? Basically he knows he needs to change and hes not ready to start. We were super blunt with him, and he still wouldnt agree to come to church. But he will keep listening to us. We are going to see what we can do to get him there. Not giving up on him yet! 

On Wednesday we taught the guy who contacted us twice in the street. Basically, he's a third world hippie. has super long hair, teaches music classes, has never been married or had kids, believes only in natural medicine, and never stops talking. It was exhausting. We were on our way back to the house to have studies when we noticed that we had 15  missed calls from a member. She is a 22 year old girl who I LOVE so much. She called us hysterical because of something that was going on with her family. We met up with her and talked to her for an hour to calm her down. Well, I talked, that is. the last lesson we had on wednesday was with Isabel, our convert Maria's younger sister. So confident she will get baptized soon! She came to church on Sunday and everything. That baptism just might not be while I am here ;) but that cita, we found her crying as well, and just talked about the Atonement to help her calm down. We got home and it was one of those days where we just help people carry very heavy burdens, but that day I was frustrated because I felt like I was trying to help them alone. The Lord reminds me that they're not my burdens to carry, and I'm not capable of doing anything I do alone. When we partner with the Lord, our burdens are easy and our loads are light, even when they're not our loads to begin with. 

This week was lots of helping high school students study for their english tests because the school year already ended but theyre stuck in classes of the materials they failed. super funny. we also helped a less active teenage girl with math. How long has it been since i have done math? forever haha. Good review for me. 

I was thinking tons about the temple this week, and I miss it so much. So all those who are reading this, do me a favor and go to the temple this week! Theres no place in the world where you will feel more peace. 

Something crazy that happened -- in our zone meeting, we had just finished watching a video about the atonement and there was a very solemn tone and SPirit in the room. And that is when this lady walks in the back of the gym shouting and mutting and clearly not right in the head. Praying, crying. You could smell her from the other side of the room. Of course she comes right up behind me and kisses my cheek, then to all the other hermanas as well. She walks up to the front and is praying and just saying weird stuff. We were all sititng there frozen because nobody knew what to do. She refused to leave with the zone leaders. they told her she could sit and listen if she was quiet. She was mostly quiet. The zone leaders wrapped it up pretty quick and then asked for a volunteer for a closing prayer. THe lady chose me. Okay, then! Afterwards she was saying goodbye to everybody and she invited me to her house for lunch on Sunday. Muchas gracias! Why she was so attached to me, I don't know, needless to say it was creepy and we will be locking the capilla from now on!

Anyway, thats all the time I have but Ilove you guys and I love reading your letters every monday and keep praying and keep studying the scriptures daily and keep going to the temple! Work on deepening your conversion, not just your testimony!

Love, Hermana Hasleton

great view of ambato. i love this place! 

this is Deyni! She is 20 and less active, but we visit her when we can and she loves getting help with her english homework. Shes from the galapagos. its always a million degrees in her house. 

view of ambato! 

view of ambato! 

everything on the far side of the river is our sector

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