Monday, July 24, 2017

"I know sarcasm isn't Christlike, you'll have to forgive me."

Good morning! 
(yell the drunk men when I walk by. Me:It's 8 oclock at night! Learn spanish and then we can work on your english) 

This week was..... interesting. Highs and lows. But overall a good week! Last monday we traveled to Quito for a meeting with all the new missionaries and their trainers. It was great, we learned a lot, but the worst part is doing practices. Of ALL the missionaries here, why in the world did you pick me and my companion?! In front of President. And 30 plus other missionaries. It was AWFUL and I wanted to die but we got through it and I just try not to think about it and life is grand. 

At the end of the meeting, we sang a musical number that we had practiced as a surprise for president and sister christensen. We sang More Holiness Give Me, or Mas Santidad Dame. it was beautiful, and they cried. They hugged us (or shook our hands) at the end, and I cried, too. Although it is hard to see them go, I'm super excited to meet Presidente Barlow and his wife! 

On tuesday after the meeting we left the mission boundaries! #inicuos. Doctor's appointment in the Quito Norte mission. We left that super late, and we didn't have time to make the 5 hour bus ride back to Ambato, so we had to stay in the nurses apartment again tuesday night and travel back on Wednesday morning. I was really frustrated, because I just wanted to be working. The nurses told us we could go to bed early while they went out and worked. Uh, please please please can we do divisions? Luckily they said yes and I didn't have to sit in the apartment. I went to the mission offices with Hermana Sjovold, the mission nurse. She is from Norway and she is adorable! I put together emergency kits and I at least felt useful. 

On Wednesday we got back and got to work. We ate lunch with an Hermana. It was our first time eating with her. She talked our ears off for an hour until we had to leave. She has been a member her whole life and moved here a few months ago from Guayaquil because she got divorced. They were sealed in the temple and they have 3 kids. It's a really sad story. But she is a great example of faith and conversion. She has 4 siblings that live here in Ambato and now I know all of them! 

One sister and her family were in Barrio Miraflores in my first sector.

One brother just got married and his wife and daughter got baptized a couple months ago. 

Another sister we visited this week. Her husband got baptized when they got married 16 years ago, and promptly stopped going to church. She is just reactivating and we started visiting her husband this week. It's basically like having a new investigator, because he knows nothing about the church, it's just that he doesn't count in numbers because he is already baptized. We had a really powerful lesson with them this week to get to know them, and we read part of the family proclamacion and talked about what they have to do to get to having an eternal family. Another great part is that he works for Pinguino, the most popular ice cream company in ecuador, so of course they gave us ice cream after. score. Anyway, it reminded me that I am not here for numbers and this isn't just missionary work. It's the work of salvation, and I am privileged to be a part of it. 

Another brother is living with his girlfriend. We also visited them for the first time this week and its fantastic because they are very willing to get married so she can get baptized. But she has also been taking the discussions off and on in a different ward since last october, so we will see if we can make any progress! 

Another fun thing that happened, we have investigators that have a son who has a disability. I'm not sure what it is, but it isn't severe. The kids here are all in their final exams before summer vacacions, and he needed help with his english homework. Helping him was so much fun. So was hearing his mom say "so how much do i owe you?" well, lets see, you can read the book of mormon, and come to church this sunday! Before they had said they weren't going to come, but after helping Anthony, they said they would. We left that house very happy! (they didn't come to church, but what else is new?)

We were walking in the street on Saturday morning when i hear someone shout HERMANA! We turn around, and it's Narcissa! She's the investigator we had awhile back whose husband is from Italy. They almost got baptized, but threw a fit when we taught tithing and didn't want us to come back again. Well, apparently they want us to come back now. Almost makes me want to cry. I hated teaching them. Lots of prayer on that one, I will do what God wants me to do! 

Well, that's about all I have for you this week. Not much else is new. Just a district leader who likes to remind me that I should give my companion opportunities to take the initiative when we call at night to give our report. I just smile and say okay and am glad its not in person so i don't hit him. Hmmm the thought never occurred to me, great, thanks! I'll get right on that! I know sarcasm isn't Christlike. You will have to forgive me. 

Love you! Thank you for your prayers!

your favorite missionary, 

hermana aleston :) 

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