Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Please not Caldo de pata!


I don't know what to write about, as usual. Time feels like a blur and I can't believe it's Monday again. Today we went to La Mitad del Mundo, also known as the middle of the world or the Equator. I'm not sure exactly how accurate the painted yellow line is, but hey, it's fun to at least pretend to be in 2 hemispheres at once! First time I've crossed to the northern hemisphere since December so hey that was fun! 

This week was crazy with divisions, lessons, contacting, meetings, teaching, etc etc etc. 

Our investigator Jorge is super cool. He's 17 and when we first started teaching him a few weeks ago, we were a little hesitant because his girlfriend is a member from a different stake, and we didn't want him to get baptized just for her. But they had been going out for a year before he decided that he wanted to listen to the missionaries. And this week he told us that he's not even dating her anymore. WOOHOO! It's fantastic because "Hey, get baptized and go on a mission!" he's come to church twice now and has a baptismal date for october 14th. He understands really well, reads the BoM and prays, and is going to be on the ward futbol (soccer) team. The priests quorum has taken him right in and I am just praying I don't get transfered next week because I so want to be here for his baptism! 

Ok on divisions I almost had to eat caldo de pata, which is soup with cow leg in it and it is seriously AWFUL. But the hermana gave me encebollado instead and I was so grateful. And then on Friday the hermana gave us caldo de pata. I wanted to cry when she told us. I think she could tell we were'nt the most excited ever, so she took out the leg and just gave us the soup. So blessed. Seriously. But that hermana also told me that she wants me to marry her son. He lives in Mexico, speaks 6 languages, is inactive, and is a professional ballerina. Hmm. I'm flattered. ;) 

This week I had a cold, pretty much had no voice yesterday. It's just a cold Mom, don't worry, I'm fine. But everybody and their dog was suggesting things that I have to take. Herbal tea of orange and cinnamon. Gargle with lime and salt. Here, take these pills, it will make you feel better. Hahaha I just say thank you and change the topic. Until the pills. Don't worry, dad, I didn't take anybody's pills. I told them I was already on medications (didn't tell them it was just ibuprofen). Good times, good times. 

We had tons of investigators in church yesterday, and lots of less actives that we have been inviting as well. Made my heart happy. Jorge, the 17 year old who is so awesome. Guadalupe, her boyfriend Eduardo, and her daughter Nicole. Guadalupe and Eduardo fight all the time and they won't even share the pamphlets we leave them. They're like little kids, it's kinda hilarious. But then its like, hey get married or separate. Seriously you're hardly even friends why do you live together? haha. They live above Derwin and he always brings them to church. Ender, Derwin's friend from Venezuela, also came. He is teeny tiny and talks super slowly, very opposite of Derwin. Johana and her daughter Angelina. (Cesar, the husband, is slacking. We don't think he really wants to act, just to listen to us. But Johana is progressing so well!)

We were teaching a family of less actives, Flia Armijos. They want to go to the temple to be sealed. They have been members for more than 3 years. We started teaching Plan of Salvation and then quickly realized that the dad of the family had no idea what the Godhead was. Aaand we'll leave it right there with Adam and Eve, let's talk about God and Jesus because they're actually not the same person. (how did you pass your baptismal interview, seriously people) 

Derwin was with us in a lesson with Nicole, Guadalupe's daughter. He shared his testimony with her and one thing that he said that touched me so much was, talking about how the gospel has changed his life, "I don't know how to explain it. I just know how to live it." It was so powerful. 

Well, family and friends and maybe strangers, any person who is reading this, I know that Christ lives and He is so merciful with all of our imperfections. If you think you're just not good enough or you've fallen too far to come back to the gospel, just remember that that's a lie and that Christ "hath decended below them all" so that He can bring you back. He can forgive you. He can change you. And He will. You just have to be willing to be changed. 

Todo mi amor, 

Hermana Hasleton

"Come as you are, but don't expect to stay as you are." --I don't remember

today we went to the middle of the world and it was awesome! 

hna pajaro from colombia, there was a chocolate exhibit and she started singing the song from dora and i had to take a picture just for Dad "bate bate chocolate!" hahaha

most of my district! 

there was a green screen foto booth, it was cool

Friday, September 15, 2017

Baptism of Derwin!


This week went by so fast, I don't even know where to start! Like seriously, it's almost the end of the transfer again and I don't know where time is going. It helps that I love my companion, that we can just talk and talk and keep talking. It also helps that I love the work with all my heart, and the families we are teaching right now give me so much hope. Also, our investigator Derwin is now a recent convert, and that just makes my heart happy! 

Okay, so, we'll start with Monday. After p-day we taught a less active family and had a family night with a member family. 

Tuesday, we had to plan a capacitation (actually i really don't know if that's a word in English, somebody help me out with that, let's say a training) that we were asked to give in zone conference... in our zone, Turubamba, and also in the other zone where we are in charge of the hermanas, Zona Chillogallo. It was about companionship inventory and having love and unity in the companionship. We spent forever trying to plan what we were doing, but we had so many ideas and it just wasn't working. We ran out of time because we had to go on divisions, so we just left it without a concrete idea for the second half. 

Tuesday and Wednesday divisions were fun. I was with Hermana Pajaro (from Colombia) in her sector. She was in my district in Ambato my first transfer and I couldn't understand her, but I don't have that problem anymore luckily! (Sometimes I don't understand Derwin but neither does my companion who is a native spanish speaker so it makes me feel better!) Anyway, we had to leave super early on Wednesday morning so that my companion and I could get to the zone conference in Chillogallo. We gave our training and it went so well, we most definitely had divine help, which is what happens when we do what we can --- the Lord fills in the rest. 

Wednesday night we taught Derwin and we had a lesson planned but he basically led the lesson and asked us to share our favorite scriptures and why. How do I choose a favorite? ( I shared Moroni 10:32 in case you all wanted to have all the boring details) 

Okay I will try to make this more interesting sorry for putting you all to sleep... Um I had to eat three pieces of cake, the first one by choice, 2 and 3 definitely not. I wanted to throw up. But when you go to teach a member who asked you to come, and they invite you to eat birthday cake, you can't actually say no. 

Zone Conference again on Thursday was a blast. Even though it was the same thing, I still felt the Spirit teaching me different things than I learned on Wednesday. The Book of Mormon is just amazing. We watched a video of the Book of Mormon, where they gave a page to nonmembers in the street in big cities and asked them to look for references to God. It was such a cool video, go look it up! I think it was by BYU? 

Finding baptismal clothing for Derwin was fun because he is soooo tall, and everything here is ecuatorian sized, in other words, tiny! An elder in our ward let him try his on, and it fit perfectly (miracles). The baptism was amazing. I had to give a talk on the Holy Ghost last minute. An elder baptized Derwin, and Derwin missed hitting his head on the wall by about an inch (miracles). He gave his testimony at the end, and it was powerful! He is so smart and has so much potencial. Helping him to recognize the changes in his life has been so amazing.

OH something else interesting that happened this week! On Monday I saw ten dollars on the ground and I was like hey cool and kept walking. My comp laughed at me and told me to pick it up, it's owner is long gone. I don't know what I was thinking, it's just not my first instinct to take something that's not mine, but this city is huge and the next person who walks by will take it. We used it to by a triple for Derwin. On Friday, I once again found ten dollars in the street. It was soaking wet from the rain, but it was ten dollars! We used it to by the cake for after Derwin's baptism. Super funny. 20 dollars less poor than I would have been! 

This week we also went running in the park. I loved every second even though I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. ( I blame the altitude ... or maybe the fact that I haven't actually run like that in 10 months...) 

It rained several times on Friday and Saturday but luckily we were inside almost every time it rained. We just got drenched on Saturday after the baptism running from the chapel to the street to hop in a taxi. Um.... what else.... sorry this is such a struggle. 

We have a family, Johana and Cesar and their daughter Angelina. I don't know if I have already told you guys about them... This week they read the Book of Mormon as a family and they have been praying every day and Johana and Angelina came to church again (Cesar didn't come but his excuse wasn't terrible, I have faith he will be there next week. If you could pray for that to happen, we would greatly appreciate it!). It was a miracle to see the change in Johana and Cesar's relationship in just a few days. I LOVE teaching families. I LOVE seeing the Lord strengthening marriages and I LOVE picturing them in the temple in their sealing in a little more than a year from now. 

Well, that's all I've got for you this week. And this quote to end (one of my all-time favorites): 

"As we serve, we find that 'sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven', and in the end, we find it was no sacrifice at all." 

Much love, 

Hermana Hasleton

Baptism of Derwin! 

Monday, September 4, 2017

The tree of life

Dearest family, friends, etc etc etc 

This week was a blur. So much happened and it went by so fast. 

It started out last week when we went to La Colon for our leadership council. We slept in the nurses apartment on Monday night, and it was SO FUN to be with all the other hermana leaders, and to hear news of Ambato. My convert Maria continues to carry her book of mormon with her everywhere, and even asks people on the bus to read to her. 

Tuesday we went to the mission home for the meeting. Hermana Barlow made amazing food, even poppy seed bread, I was just so happy. Almost half of the zone leaders right now are new zone leaders so i wasn't the only new one there. Although I am still pretty sure I am the youngest in the mission still. I learned so much. Hermana Barlow talked about how to make miracles happen. She doesnt speak Spanish to Pte was translating for her, and he was adding lots of details that she wasn't saying. I thought it was hilarious and that I would probably be really bothered, but then she said, "I told him to add details for me" and I was just so impressed by her humility and by their unity. Something I was reminded about myself, is that I can be a leader but in a group of leaders it is just so much more natural for me to sit back and be a follower. And I am okay with that! 

Oh also the secretaries told me that they met my companion from the CCM, apparently she is already at home and her boyfriend works in the offices of the Quito North mission. I don't know why she's home but I would pay money to know what she said about me to the secretaries haha. She was very sweet but I know she didn't like me. 

On Tuesday night the zone leaders called us and asked us to give a training to the district leaders on how to do divisions. I was like, uh, okay, with all my experience? So Wednesday morning we just got ready super fast to plan the training, then went to the stake center and participated in that, and went straight from there to the terminal to meet up with other hermanas to do divisions. I was with an hermana from the states but her parents are latinos so she speaks perfect spanish. Still, it was kinda fun to speak a bit in English. Even though 13 people told us we could teach them that day, we had 3 lessons.  Typical Ecuador. I taught another little violin lesson and we taught his member family. But we found a big family of new investigators, and we ate empanadas de verde (uh, basically verde is plantain i think its called in english, but its not ripe yet, and they make the empanada out of that and theres cheese or chicken inside, theyre really good). And we contacted a ton as well. When we got back to the apartment at 9pm, we had to do the informe (uh report?) and usually it takes 30 minutes but we were talking about lots of things and working out other things and I felt the Spirit guiding me to know what to say, until 10:20 when we scrambled to get to bed on time. It was a cool day because I seriously didn't spend a single minute thinking about myself. 

Every night is spent doing those reports if we're in divisions or talking to district leaders or zone leaders in the night. Seriously, once upon a time in the mission with Hna Jimenez we were going to bed at 9:30 every night. That so is not my life anymore haha. 

We did lots of service this week too. Our investigator Derwin gave us a reference of the family who lives above him. He presented them to us and this whole week we were helping them a little every day to paint their house in 5 different colors -- white, brown, red, beige, and orange haha -- and then sand their floors with what I would consider to be wimpy steel wool. Luckily we did it in pants because we got FILTHY but service works because that couple came to church on Sunday! Woohoo! They aren't married, of course, but she is 27 and her oldest daughter is 14... umm... no comment. 

Hermana Valdebenito and I say the same thing at the same time quite a bit, it's hilarious because I'm not even latina! But one funny thing is this hermana in the ward that has 3 sons but is single, she is a convert of 3 years. She comes with us sometimes when we teach Derwin, and we are already planning their wedding ;) 

One problem we had this week was teaching the first lesson really simply, involving the people in the lesson, thinking they understand really well, and then we invite them to baptism and they say, "But I'm already baptized!" *forehead smack* like seriously people how can we help you connect the dots? If Jose Smith was a prophet, then your baptism just doesn't count! We've been talking a lot about how to solve that problem. And yesterday we taught another new family that had already come to church, and after the first lesson when we invited them to baptism they said "of course!" and it was seriously a miracle, we were so grateful. 

On Friday we had a ward activity about the tree of life. We watched the living scriptures video and blindfolded everyone and set them loose in a maze of chairs in the chapel. It was hilarious. The tree was this little christmas tree with white balloons with candy inside.   

What else interesting happened.. on friday we had to eat 2 lunches, it was painful. 

On Sunday morning before church Derwin had his interview and his baptism is this Saturday! Woohoo! We are seriously so excited! He shared with us an experience that he had this week. He was praying to be able to find a new job that doesn't tire him out so much (by profession he is a math professor but right now is working in construccion) and he said that the next day, the day went by so fast he couldn't believe it. He said that he knows that God answered his prayer in that way, not the way he expected but in the way that he needed. 

Life lessons of this week: 

Go watch the living scriptures video of the tree of life. The teenage boy (Mom, I'm 16 years old! I don't need to hold on to the rod!) eventually falls off the path and lands in the river of filthy water. He tries so hard to climb up the cliff to get back to the path, and he is dangling by his fingertips when he cries out that he is sorry, and he just can't do it anymore, and he asks for forgiveness. The moment he cries out and starts to fall, a hand grabs him. It is Nephi, connected to a chain of people back to the iron rod and they lift him right up to the path. It made me cry (shocker) but basically, there are 3 things we can learn from this.

1) Sometimes we just have to hit rock bottom to realize that we actually do want to be on the path

2) We can struggle all we want to make it back, but we are just going to suffer if we try to do it without help. Without the help of parents, leaders, and friends, we really won't make it. We will just keep falling. 

3) Christ is just waiting for those words, "I'm so sorry." That repentant heart is all He needs to be able to reach out and rescue us. The suffering stops the moment that we are willing to say "I'm sorry" and mean it. 

Well folks, that's all I've got this week! Hopefully next week we will be able to send you the baptismal fotos! I think I had a quote this week but ya I don't have time so... next week I will send 2! If you would like to help out the work here in Solanda, you can pray for Derwin to be able to get baptized this Saturday, and for Johana and her family to progress to baptism. And for our investigators to remember to keep their committments. Thanks, guys! Love you!

It snowed in Ecuador!

Well, dear family, 

we are already starting week 3 of this change and I don't know where time is going. Lots to tell you, lots to tell you. But again, if I said some of this stuff last week and don't remember, I am sorry! You just get to hear it all again :) 

We did divisions with 2 different companionships this week. The first one, I went to a sector to be with Hermana Jimenez, who was my companion a few months ago. She is so cute and we had so much fun being together again. Something interesting ALWAYS happens in divisions, and this time it was that this member gave us guatita, which is a soup with intestines. He handed me the bowl and I was immediately trying not to gag just from the smell, because it literally smelled like horse. I wanted to die, I so did not want to eat that soup. Hermana Jimenez had the same look on her face, and luckily, she got us out of it. I was so incredibly grateful! It just reeked of food poisoning. In another lesson, an investigator asked which of us was the senior companion, and Hermana Jimenez hurried and changed the subject. I was so uncomfortable, because when we were actually companions, she was the senior companion, and now that would be me... weird, right? 

The second time we did divisions, I was with an hermana from Peru in our sector. We only had one lesson the whole afternoon, and it was a disaster. It was with old investigators that other missionaries had dropped a long time ago. We were only going to verify their understanding, do a how to begin teaching, and teach something small based on their needs, as I explained to her before. But we got in there and she started teaching about the book of mormon, and then the restauracion, and i was trying to bring it back, but it was just all over the place. What was worse is that we had this guy from the ward with us who got back from his mission 3 years ago. Also we got lost looking for the house. Other than that disaster lesson, we just walked and contacted all day and went to EVERYONES house but nobody could receive us. Adventures. 

Another interesting thing this week. Other than the awful terrible soup (the worst thing I have seen in my mission so far) we had a great food week. None of our mamitas gave us soup before our plate of rice, and it was awesome! Also there is an hermana in the ward that makes amazing cakes, it's almost like being home and eating mom's cake! We also eat empanadas and morocho, which is delicious, the people in the restaurant already know us by name and everything. 

Maybe you heard the news, but it snowed in Ecuador! In a part where it has never snowed before, so they say. Everyone was freaking out. It snowed about 5cm haha. An elder from montana was there when members were talking about it and he just died laughing, cuz 5cm is nothing, but still, it's Ecuador and there is snow, so that is cool. 

This Sunday I was thinking a lot about those I left behind in Ambato. My converts, Evelyn, other investigators. I hate not knowing whats happening but I know that everything is in God's hands. (Also if you guys could please  tell me now if youre not going to come because I will be SO disappointed if I don't get to go back and say goodbye) 

On Sunday I played the piano, of course, and my companion and I had to speak. I had notes, but I didn't even use them. Funny, before my mission I wrote out my talks, everything, word for word! Also grateful for the gift of tongues and that Spanish is just so easy for me now. Haha actually this week I was talking to an american hermana and I told her "youre mas blonde!" and didn't even realize the spanglish that came out of my mouth. 

The ward is so awesome. The ward council goes together to have family nights once a week (not always monday) with less actives or investigators, and they are all so willing to serve. Bishop Tobar is 30 years old but he looks 25. He is very young but a really good bishop. 

Our investigator Derwin from Venezuela is progressing. He feels ready for his baptism on the 9th. The only problem is that he is super smart, and he likes to contend just to contend, like "where in the scriptures does it say that we shouldn't buy things on sundays or that we should serve other people on the day of rest?" oh dear. we left that lesson all stressed and came back ready to answer all his questions with scriptures but he said "yeah I know that's what I need to do, don't worry" it's kinda confusing but it's all kinds of fun. I have to concentrate so hard in those lessons to understand him. He is super tall, way taller than me, which is so weird to find here. 

There is an hermana in the ward who washes our clothes. She has 2 little kids who are ADORABLE. The oldest is 7 and has been taking violin lessons (in group) for 2 years, and he is learning suzuki songs which is cool. The hermana asked me to help him and its a great way to serve and gain confidence of the members, so hey guess what I taught my first violin lesson! and in spanish! they don't say the notes as a, b, c, they use do, re, mi so i was having to change everything in my head and it was difficult but actually way fun. As we were leaving she asked us to also teach her son the discussions to prepare him for his baptism... uh... isn't that your job? hahahaha. 

Today for P-day we played soccer as a zone, which is a new rule that elders can play with hermanas. even though i am the worst at soccer, the only thing i am good at is getting in the way of the ball and people (hopefully the other team haha) it felt really good just to be able to run around and get exercise. Also at 7pm we have to go up to the offices because tomorrow is a leadership counsel with all the zone leaders and hermana leaders in the mission. I am super excited for that because it means I get to see all of my favorite people, Like Hermana Adams, Hermana Rolfson, and Hermana Barraclough. 

Anyway. I really still don't see myself as an hermana leader, as I used to see all of my hermana leaders. But being in a leadership position gives me lots of information has helped me see very quickly that there is a lot of little disobedience, or justification of breaking rules, and there are lots of bad teaching habits. Which is why I have ended up here, because I at least am obedient. Or try to obey with exactness in everything I do.

Mom, hope this letter was long enough for you! ;) 

Love you guys! 


Hermana Hasleton 

P.S: Quote of the week! 

"Faith means that we trust not only in God's wisdom but that we trsut also in HIs love. It means trusting that God loves us perfectly, that everything He does -- every blessing He gives and every blessing He, for a time, withholds -- is for our eternal happiness." 

Pte. Uchtdorf

Monday, August 21, 2017

We Love Solanda!

Dearest queridos, 

This week went by so fast and yet also every day felt so long. Solanda is the name of our ward here in Quito. It's a little smaller attendance than in Ambato, but that could also be because we can walk end to end in our sector in 20 minutes. Seriously, our sector is TINY! I love it! It's way different from what I'm used to. But it's such high density housing and there are tons and tons of people. Also, everything looks the same and we have gotten lost a few times, in spite of walking around with the map of our sector haha. 

Opening the sector means that neither of us know what is going on, we've never been here before. But I kinda like it, too, because we get to discover everything together. Look for the old investigators of the other missionaries, get to know members of the ward. We are contacting in the streets a ton every day. 

The weather here... its been way hot a couple days this week, and way rainy a few other days. It's usually cold for a couple hours in the afternoon but that's it, even at night it's pretty temperate. 

Okay, so we have basically one investigator that is progressing. He is from Venezuela. There are so many venezolanos here, the situation in their country is awful so theyre all leaving in swarms. Our investigator is Derwin, he has already come to church three times and has a date for baptism the 9th of september. pray that he can keep that date! 

So, you guys asked me what it means to be a sister training leader. Here's what it means. On Tuesday, we were heading out to a visit when we get a call from the zone leaders from the other zone we have charge over. apparently there were 2 hermanas that were fighting and had called president, so he asked the zone leaders to ask us to go to their house and talk to them. Basically that's our job, we are in charge of the welfare (spiritual, emotional, physical, etc) of all the sisters in our zone and one other zone here in Quito. We spent an hour talking to them (by the way, it's a really bad sign when you have that kind of problem your first day with your new companion... hahaha) and this week we are starting to do divisions, which means that I go with one sister and my companion with her companion and we spend 24 hours with them. I am nervous because I will be leading with hermanas that have lots more time in the mission than me, but I am also excited. We will see how it goes. 

So, theres this amazing restaurant ( i use the term loosely) by our house that sells empanadas from the coast, and they are amazing. Probably not a good thing how close it is to our house! but everythings close to our house, because its just so small! 

This week I saw a robbery for the first time in my life, alarms going off and people running out of the apartment building and this guy without pants on jumped in a car to chase the robber haha. We kinda just stood there fascinated. 

On thursday we had to go to a leader's meeting in the other zone before coming back to our own zone for district and zone meeting, and we got a little lost, but i got a cool tour of quito so yay! 

On Friday we had a problem with the electricity in our house, and guess what, the shower is electric! So saturday morning we went to some other sister missionaries house to shower... yeah we're babies but the water here is SO COLD it hurts my hands just when I wash them! An hermano came to fix our electricity and it took 2 hours but now we're fine, we have light and hot water and it's great! 

umm.... yeah the ward is awesome, everyone wants to feed us, wash our clothes, and come with us to visits. I have to play the piano in this ward too but it's an electric piano instead of a tiny little keyboard so i'm happy.

Yep, that's about all I have to tell you this week. I love my companion. We talk and laugh and have lots in common, and it is a huge relief to me.

Quote of the week: (hey look this might actually be a weekly thing) 

"God's love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve it. It is simply always there." -- President Monson

Also, challenge of the week if you feel the desire, read Alma 42 and when it says "my son" put your own name. 

I love you! and more importantly,
GOD LOVES YOU! Hope you all have a great week! 

Love, Hermana Hasleton

wheres waldo? spot hermana hasleton!

we went to the basilica today, it was way cool and way pretty. perks of being in Quito, its easy to get to the offices and cool places like this

a very different view than ambato

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Goodbye Ambato, Hello Quito

Hey guys, guess what? 

yes, that's right, for the first time in my mission I am not in Ambato! I spent every night this week packing, because I was so not staying another transfer.  My new zone is Turubamba and my sector is Solanda. My companion is Hermana Valdebenito, she is from Argentina and finishes the mission in 3 months. The scary thing is that she is a sister training leader... which means that I am also a sister training leader.... and that we are opening this sector. which means we are both new here and we have no clue what we are doing. But hey, adventures, right? I am excited for the new challenge. I was really tired of the old one. But I will do whatever the Lord asks of me, even when it's not easy. 

This last week was very bittersweet. Bitter because leaving behind so many people that I know and love... not easy. Took lots of pictures because I want to be able to remember these people forever and ever. 

We were working with another investigator named Cristobal. He is an investigator of gold, thats for sure. He brought a notebook to every lesson so he could take notes on everything we were teaching him. Sorry if I have already told you about him. He will be getting baptized this Saturday. Knowing that I would be transfered, I was wondering if I would be sad to not be there. But I'm not, not really. It's the work of the Lord, not mine. I will work wherever the Lord wants me to be. 

Oh, cool story from this week. Several months ago, with Hermana Jimenez, we contacted a girl named Marisol in the street. She gave us her number and told us we could visit her, and said that her dad had wanted missionaries to visit them. We called several times and she never answered, so we went to her neighborhood and knocked doors forever looking for her. Nobody knew her and we gave up. 

A few weeks ago, we started teaching our neighbor, this cute little old guy who can barely see. He said that he knew the Restauracion was true but he refused to come to church. But before we dropped him (turns out he is a communist hahaha I don't think I've ever known a communist before), he told us that his cousin Edgar is a member of the church but stopped going a long time ago. We got the name and number. That Sunday, we mention the name in ward counsel and turns out that Rosario, the cousin of my convert cristobal, is also cousins with this less active brother. We set up an appointment, and Rosario and Cristobal came with us to visit Edgar. 

When we went to Edgar's house, I remembered going to that neighborhood to try to find the girl that we contacted but I didn't think anything more of it. Edgar got baptized in 1972 and left the church about 10 years later. It's his time to come back. He asked us to come visit his daughter who isnt a member, named Marisol. It's the same girl! We had literally knocked on his neighbor's door but not on his. The Lord works in mysterious ways and He remembers all of His children :) 

The hardest goodbye was Cristobal. He followed me around all day at church on Sunday. We went to see him as our last visit on Sunday night at Rosario's house. (They fed us soup with cow leg, it was really gross) when we walked in the door, Cristobal was already crying. I was trying really hard not to cry and to animate him, get him excited for the next hermana that was coming. He told me over and over that I was like a mother to him, that I changed his life and rescued him from the alcohol that has already damaged his mind and body, that I lifted him and that he would never forget me. DyC18:15. My joy is so complete for the chance I have had to see changes in his life. Although I worry that missionaries who come in the future won't have the patience to teach him in a way he understands, I know that God will look out for him and that Rosario will help him to get to the temple next May. 

I could go on and on about the members of this ward that I love with all my heart, but I will just see if i can get the internet to work to send pictures instead. Love you all so much! Have the best week! 

Quote of the week: (although i have never done this so its not actually of the week its just a quote) 

"Living the gospel is very simple, unless there is something we want to do more." --Matthew Cowley

put God above all else and LIVE THE GOSPEL! 


Hermana Hasleton 

Clarita, my convert Maria's mom. Working on getting her baptized, too :) she doesnt know how to read and speaks quichua in addition to spanish. 

wherever you go in ambato, there is an amazing view

amilia bravo. we were working with Naty, the 15 yr old, as a less active. The couple on the right LOVED to come with us on citas. Hermana Bravo's hugs were the best. I am quite certain I knew them all before this life. Theyre amazing. 

karina ruiz, shes so cute, the rs presidents daughter

cristian, recent convert, and his wife silvana. theyre going to the temple to be sealed in november! 

everything over there is my sector.... a part of my sector....

 graciela is this cute little lady who got baptized in may, was a convert of the elders in our ward. I gave her a little hymn book because she didnt have one, here there arent hymn books for the congregation, you have to bring your own. She was so grateful, she gave me her hair clip hahaha I love her


this is Rosario, cristobals cousin, and I love her soooooooooooooooooo much!